Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm

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Tour our Farm or Join our Adoption Program and/or Hike the Hemlock Valley

Escape life's bustle....... Come visit and enjoy!

Our 75 acre farm overlooks the picturesque Hemlock Valley of upstate NY. When you visit you'll experience the beauty of these regal animals as well our unique Western Little Lakes region.

We have wonderful fleeces for sale in our shop along with rovings, yarns and finished alpaca products too. For your garden, try our alpaca garden nutrients for exceptional results!

We are a full service farm:
...Selling & Educating NEW Alpaca Owners....Offering Quality herdsires for breeding.

Our Alpaca adventure started in 2000; giving us so much to share! We are committed to top notch customer service & support. Call and see for yourself.

Plan on an hour long personal visit. You'll get right in the pasture with our Alpacas and experience their unique personalities. Call, 585 455-2518 (or text) to set up a personal tour/visit. Minimum of $30.00 (for two, Children up to and including age 6 are free) $5.00 per additional person. OR ....

Choose our Adopt An Alpaca Program for a whole years worth of interaction for Just $100.00.

Want to add to your adventure??? Include a hike after your tour. (Sneakers or boot recommended). Hike our picturesque hills and part of the Hemlock valley. Discover serenity and stop to rest on a bench in a laneway of 200 year old black walnut trees. Make your way to see our intriguing mound. Was it a Native American site? Or perhaps part of the lost town of Jacksonville? You decide. Wander to our gully and see an original 15 foot length of the City of Rochester's water pipe line from the 1800's and learn a bit of our local history.

About Our Alpacas....
Alpacas have a very gentle but cautious disposition. They are both intelligent and curious, making them a true joy to keep. You can own and raise alpacas on any scale. You can operate a large farm business or enjoy them as an individual as a hobby farm. In the alpaca world, depending on your personal goals and plans you can work at it full-time or have a rewarding experience with just two. (they need at least one as a companion).

These "easy keepers" have a minimal impact on the land itself and consume very little feed. Horses or cattle routinely consume 50+ pounds of feed per day, while alpaca's consume just 2 pounds of hay per day making them very economical to care for. The actual costs per year of care/feed is only about $300/year per animal once you have established your farm.