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High Quality Alpacas at affordable prices

Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm is a 75-acre family-run farm committed to a highly selective breeding program. This ensures that all of our crias have the best possible conformation, temperament and of course, fiber.
We started our farm in 2000, building our herd with animals of sound health and good conformation. By choosing to keep our herd small we also ensure that each of our alpacas gets individual care and attention, guaranteeing optimum health and ample handling.
The experienced moms for sale at Hemlock Hills Alpaca Farm are proven great mothers, producing healthy, wonderful crias. We are members of The Empire Alpaca Association, and are founding members of The Alpaca Network and we adhere to the EAA's Code of Ethics. Last summer we were fortunate to have a set of twins born to us and both are doing very well, very small but very well. We have some of the best quality alpacas in New York State at some of the best prices. Come on over and see for yourself.